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Vernon Cheadle Student Travel Award

Vernon Cheadle

Call for Applications
Student Travel Award
Botanical Society of America
Botany 2017, Fort Worth, Texas

The Botanical Society of America, in conjunction with the Developmental & Structural Section, is pleased to open the "call for applications" for four (4), $500 Vernon I. Cheadle Student Travel Awards. Awards are available to undergraduate and graduate students who will be attending and presenting a paper or poster at the Botany 2017 Conference to be held in Fort Worth, Texas June 24 - 28..

Although it is not a requirement, students who are presenting in a session sponsored by the Developmental and Structural Section will be given the highest priority. Applicants, please use the form below to apply for this award by April 10, 2017. We ask that your faculty advisor send an email acknowledging your application to We will later share the details of your application with this person as part of the confirmation process.

Deadline for submission of proposals is: April 10, 2017

This request will be sent electronically by pressing the "Submit Application" button.

If you do not receive a confirmation email back within 48 hours, please contact us at Thank you.

For additional information or questions, contact:

And/Or the Program Chair for the Developmental and Structural Section (click here).

Requested Amount
$ 500.00
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Awards - Cheadle
Please provide us with information regarding what you consider the most important Paper(s) and/or Poster(s) you will be presenting at Botany Conference? (top two if more than one)
What do you feel are the most important aspects of this research and why do you see it as significant?
What do you feel are the most important aspects of this research and why do you see it as significant?
What do you consider Dr. Cheadles most significant contributions to Botany?
Your interest in and reasons for wanting to attend/participate in Botany Conference.
Your thoughts on why botany is an important scientific field of study for the 21st century.