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Legacy Society

As evidence of my/our desire to provide a legacy of support to the Botanical Society of America, I/we hereby inform you that I/we intend to leave a gift in my/our will. I/we understand that this commitment is revocable and can be modified by me/us at any time.

It is my/our intent to leave a legacy for the benefit of the Botanical Society of America through:*

A Bequest in My Will:
A Living Trust:

Please enroll me/us in the Botanical Society of America's Legacy Society under the following conditions (if not checked, no enrollment will occur):
Please prepare a Legacy Society certificate in recognition of my/our gift. I/we would prefer a:

*We hope that you will share the approximate amount of your gift with us so that the Society will know of your generosity and be able to recognize you appropriately. It is also helpful for us to have on file any supporting documentation that you may be able to share with us. You may attach documentation to this form.

If you would like to explore making a gift to the Botanical Society of America using other assets, please contact:
Heather Cacanindin, Executive Director, Botanical Society of America
4344 Shaw Blvd., St. Louis, MO 63110
Phone 314-577-9566 Fax 314-558-9184